Preventive Structural Safety Audit for Structures

If a building collapses or even develops quality issues, imagine the damage it could do to your business and your brand?


It is a fact that as far as structures go, there are many blind spots because you cannot see the strength of the structural elements that you build.

As a Builder/Contractor, you endeavour to deliver the best quality, but there are many things onsite that you possibly cannot monitor 24X7.

Is the concrete used of the right quality?

Is the honey comb that we commonly see on structural elements deep or is it on the surface?

What is the guarantee that proper curing is happening on a daily basis, and for the desired time?

Can we rely on the skill of the people involved, and the consistent application of that skill, all the time?

Is the M30 grade of concrete poured, M30 in strength in each structural element?


We help uncover the above blind spots and many more. Mistakes happen all the time but if detected in time, it can save you money, time, effort, social embarrassment and having to engage in legal issues.

Cyond detects these blind spots for you. We use technologies that give you regular quality updates on your mobile in real-time with simple metrics, all while your project is talking shape, so that you can take remedial action.

As doctors are assisted by diagnostic reports. Structural Diagnostics reports enable engineers and Clients to see beyond the surface, and ensure that every structural member achieves the designed material strength and consistency.

Which means, no more blind spots.

A simple cost-benefit analysis will show that our pricing is a minuscule fraction of the immense benefit that we offer.