Structural Ratings

How do we quantify quality to prove the merits of our buildings and command a premium price in the market?


Cyond is the pioneer in introducing the quantification of quality, durability and safety of structures.

Will the homes we lovingly buy become dilapidated structures for the next generation?

In just a few decades, will our bridges and infrastructure need to be rebuilt?

What a waste of natural and financial resources! This can all be avoided through the simple process of Cyond’s Structural Ratings.

What gets measured gets done.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, buildings, such as homes, bridges and infra projects have to be built at a rapid pace. As time-cycles grow shorter, the risks go up proportionately. We need a reliable dashboard, strong quantitative and qualitative metrics that enable us to see beyond the visible structures.

Cyond’s Structural Rating’s predictive analysis can tell you how strong your buildings are deep within.

Our solutions deliver phenomenal Price/Value Ratios.