Extent of Built-up Area (sft)
Structurally Diagnosed by Cyond:

3,62,25,366+ (sft)

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Food, clothing and shelter are primary requirements for human civilisation.

The huge increase in population and the associated requirements have led to an exponential increase in demand for residential, commercial, industrial and public infrastructure across the globe.

This demand has led to a colossal consumption of the earth’s limited, virgin natural resources at a higher rate than ever before in human history.

To preserve these limited, virgin natural resources the needs of today have to be balanced with those of future generations. We have to set the direction by using resources sparingly and building structures which are durable and that can last as long as possible.

This necessitates a deep understanding of the lifecycle of structures that we intend to build, as well as those that are already built.

At Cyond we have taken an oath to aid the preservation of the earth by ensuring natural resources are used in the most productive and enduring way that they possibly can be, by continually promoting and encouraging the application of the latest research and current knowledge in the construction industry.

Having understood the needs of both the current and future generations, Cyond has started to lay the stepping stones of a step by step quantitative approach to rating construction projects. This will create a culture of quality and enable and empower the construction industry and its stakeholders to build right and maintain right whilst inducing an ever increasingly more productive use of natural, human and financial resources, for all. Everybody wins.

Construction encompasses various domains including planning, design, structural, architectural, MEP, maintenance, repair & rehabilitation and sustainability considerations.

Significant progress has been made in the area of sustainability in terms of energy efficiency by several national and international agencies, but there has been very minimal work done in terms of quantitative approaches to the planning, design, safety, quality, durability and maintenance of construction assets and their assessment during their lifecycle.

Thus Cyond has taken the initiative to address this large problem in collaboration with industry experts from all domains, by creating a world class platform continually upgraded with the latest current knowledge, research and best practices to enable and empower the construction sector to perform as well as it possibly can.

Cyond enables the construction sector (residential and commercial real estate, infrastructure projects, industrial structures and existing structures) and its stakeholders (engineers, architects, developers, contractors, infrastructure companies and end users) to achieve more in terms of safety, quality, durability and sustainability through a quantitative approach, and rewards performance through its world-class rating scale.

At Cyond, we understand that this large problem that we are solving takes a lot of patience and persistence to achieve. However, we have created a roadmap that breaks down the problem into step by step milestones to ensure clarity of focus at all times and the tracking of progress.

Stakeholders who stand to benefit from achieving the milestones include developers, end consumers, banks, insurance companies, governments and our current and future society at large.



Our vision is to be the globally leading construction ratings platform.


Our mission is to enable the construction sector and its stakeholders to build right and maintain assets in the right way.

Our Story

With a strong background in structural engineering, construction and post-structural behaviour, we wanted to ensure that quality, safety and durability in construction and our built environment are not compromised.


Does your structure meet
the M30 quality standard?


Cyond is the first company in the world to integrate construction ratings with technology-based updates in real-time.




    At Cyond we are truly an innovation-led company not restricted by the status quo. Our unique strength is our team's broad and deep technical and practical experience in academia, engineering, design, construction and PMC. From first principles of structural engineering, structural design, material science and post-structural behaviour combined with big data, we bring institutionally peer-reviewed solutions to the construction market to drive safety, quality and durability enhancements globally. Innovation is in our DNA from our very inception and is evident in our patented Structural Audit Process and our patented Structural Ratings. With strong ongoing investment in R&D, Cyond is set to continue truly bringing the construction industry into the 21st century with our next wave of innovation incorporating complex artificial intelligence and machine learning.



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