Structural Scan for Old Buildings

Is your building 15 years old or even older than that?
If so, is it fit to carry the same load as before?


Imagine a 70-year old man being made to lift huge weights, tough to even imagine it, right?

However this is exactly what happens to old buildings. They are often made to carry much larger loads than were perhaps originally intended.

Additionally, like people lose strength with age, environmental wear and tear can make buildings become dilapidated and distressed.

Structural elements affected by dampness followed by corrosion, degrade in strength from an order of 10% to 80%! Also with various other environmental factors, there is a good chance that the structural members might get degraded in their load carrying capacity.

The solution to this critical problem is Cyond’s Structural Scan for Old Buildings. We enable the Structural Engineer through material diagnosis reports at desired locations as required by the engineers.