Building Cracks

Do You Know Why Buildings Are Dilapidating Fast? 50% Reduction Is Because of Improper Maintenance!!


Introduction: In today’s world, the only things that stand sturdy are Buildings. Buildings stand tall as silent witnesses to our daily activities. Yet, behind their sturdy fronts lies a hidden truth: ‘ the improper maintenance.’ Recent studies have discovered that improper maintenance contributes to the accelerated deterioration of buildings, leading to a 50% reduction in […]

What are the main reasons for cracks & different types of cracks in the building

cracks in the building

Introduction Welcome, fellow homeowners and property fanatics! Picture this: You’re standing outside your precious building, admiring its sturdy and timeless beauty, and suddenly, you notice a hairline fracture (a thin crack)  zig-zagging its way across the wall. Worried about the problem? But worry not, for today, we’re delving deep into the complex world of building […]